What does your washroom say about your business?

Reflect the duty of care you have to your employees & comply with government regulations, with Key West hygiene services.

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As people, our hygiene says a great deal about us, and the same is true of our homes and businesses. What does your washroom say about your business?

With Key West’s hygiene services, you can ensure that your washroom reflects positively on your business, symbolising the care you have for your employees and their work environment.

Helping businesses reflect these kinds of values, in the standards of hygiene they hold, commercial hygiene services are about much more than laws and regulations.

Our Hygiene Services are available across Leeds and beyond Wherever you are, whatever your washroom requirements, think Key West Hygiene Services.


The Environmental Protection Act 1990 places a duty of care upon organisations, to ensure that all hazardous waste produced on-site is correctly managed, removed and disposed of.

Regulation 21 of The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992, states:

For businesses employing any number of female workers, suitable means should be provided for the disposal of sanitary products. This is including disabled bathrooms/cubicles.

Washrooms must include air dryers or other means of drying, such as paper dispensers.


Toilet roll holders/dispensers must be provided.

Washing facilities must include soap, sanitisers or other suitable means of cleaning.

Every workplace must be ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air, and actions taken to prevent odours lingering or entering rooms outside of the washroom.

Every pipe that supplies water to a flushing system, or trough used to flush a urinal, should be fitted with a flow shut-off device controlled by a time switch and lockable shut-off valve, or another effective method of regulating periods during which the cistern or trough may fill.

Key West’s hygiene services are 100% compliant with laws and regulations and deployed by experienced hygiene specialists.


Key West’s hygiene services include the supply and service of:

  • Safe removal and disposal of hygienic waste
  • Sanitary bins
  • Baby changing services & nappy disposal bins
  • Ventilation and air freshening services
  • Urinal mats
  • Hand and seat sanitisers
  • Hand dryers
  • Water management systems

While the many benefits of the above services are apparent, the supply and service of water management systems helps organisations to save thousands of litres of water. That’s a rather enormous hidden benefit in this age of sustainability.



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